An Impact with Us

An Impact with Us

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Sales Representative


Optimize /

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United States (Remote)

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Job description

Optimize Compliance Solutions / provides tools to streamline components of the compliance and hiring function, including educational compliance, P&P tracking and licensing. Our goal is to enable mortgage lenders to focus on their core business by resolving pain points in the compliance processes. The training connected to our software and services is legally mandated and we have been delivering it for over 15 years, primarily to corporate clients.

The success of our SaaS platform and some key, innovative products, has led to growth. We are experiencing a high sales success ratio and low sales cycle once we demo a potential client.

We need sales representatives who will conduct a strong calling effort to lenders to obtain the introductory demo meetings and then follow through with the sales process to close new clients.


Establish new long-term relationships with mortgage companies over the phone, remotely in a full-time sales position.
Keeping calling activity updated and using the communications and processing tools we support. We will provide leads but not clients. There will be an initial ramp-up period of 3 to 6 months where your initial success will vary depending on outbound contacts and conversions.
There will be some referrals and inbound calls, but the majority of your business will be based on recurring revenue from corporate relationships.


Sales experience, preferably in either mortgage, mortgage vendor sales or software sales
Plusses: contacts with state-licensed mortgage lender compliance managers, hiring managers or executives.
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